Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0290
Dimas Tri Anantyo, Ayu Anggraini Kusumaningrum, Melissa Ronaldi, Kurniawan Taufiq Kadafi, Jaya Ariheryanto Effendi
Objective. On August 5, 2018, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake attacked Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Four hundred seventeen thousand five hundred twenty-nine people evacuated, and 458 died. This condition implicates children, which included in susceptible populations for several reasons such as anatomical, physiological, developmental, and psychological problems that are important for planning pediatric treatment in disasters.
Method. This prospective observational study performed within 28 days after the earthquake at a field hospital in North Lombok and the clinical information of pediatric patients registered in the systematic emergency registry.
Result. A month after the disaster, 855 children became victims consisting of 457 boys (53.45%) and 398 girls (46.55%). Morbidity and mortality occurred in the age group of <1 year 117 children (13.68%), 1-5 years 458 children (53.57%) and >5 years 280 children (32.75%). Indications of hospital admission with trauma were experienced by 6 children (0.70%) in the first week, 18 children (2.11%) in the second week, 7 children (0.82%) in the third week, 6 children (0.70%) in the fourth week and indications with non-trauma experienced by 183 children (21.40%) in the first week, 275 children (32.16%) in the second week, 177 children (20.70%) in the third week, 183 children (21.40%) in the fourth week. Trauma and non-trauma cases were significantly associated with the age group (p=0,00). Overall, 436 children (50.99%) suffered gastrointestinal tract infections, 273 children (31.93%) respiratory tract infections, 72 children (8.42%) skin infections, 37 children (4.33%) trauma and 37 children (4.33%) experienced other diseases such as asthma, febrile seizures, and others.
Conclusion. The highest morbidity and mortality are found in the age group 1-5 years. The indication of hospital admission with non-trauma is more than trauma. Trauma and non-trauma cases are significantly associated with the age group. Most of the pediatric patients diagnosed with gastrointestinal tract infection.
Keywords: Lombok earthquake, pediatric patients, disaster preparedness task force
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