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Raisa, Praisilia Riani Vincentia Najoan, Audrey Mety Iriani Wahani
OBJECTIVE: TB in children is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in children in TB endemic countries (WHO, 2014). In general, children infected with M. Tuberculosis do not show tuberculosis (TB). The risk of being infected with M. Tuberculosis increases if the child lives in a house with positive pulmonary TB patients. In children, coughing is not the main symptom. The difficulty of establishing a definite diagnosis in children is caused by the small number of germs and the difficulty of taking sputum specimens. To facilitate the diagnosis of pediatric TB, IDAI recommends diagnosing pediatric TB using a scoring system. The aim of this research is to know the profile of patients with tuberculosis in children in outpatient department of Prof.Dr.R.D.Kandou National Hospital, Manado, North Sulawesi.
METHODS: Descriptive-retrospective research on 54 patients. The subject of this research is all children age 0-18 year old who diagnosed as new case TB who came to policlinic of pediatrics in 2018 which based on criteria and scoring system from IDAI.
RESULTS: History contact of adult with tuberculosis (78%), Tuberculosis in boys (59%), comparing with girls (41%). Age group under 4 years (20%) and over 4 years (80%). Children with poor nutrition and malnutrition (63%). Children with BCG immunization and positive scar (69%), and children with BCG Immunization and negative scar (15%), didn’t get BCG vaccine (16%). The most presenting symptoms and signs were radiographic findings of Tuberculosis (96%), cough (72%), fever (59%), and positive Tuberculin Test (54%).
CONCLUSION: The most common patients was in age group over 4 years (80%). The most important risk of tuberculosis infection in children is contact of adult with positive tuberculosis. Therefore, prevention is needed to minimize children tuberculosis, especially  to children who get contact with adult with positive tuberculosis.
Keywords: tuberculosis, profile, children, scoring system
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