Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0336
Diska Yulia Trisiana, Didik Haryanto, Khairunnisa
OBJECTIVE : Cyanotic CHD is a congenital disease, the insidence tend to increase by the
time. At M Djamil Hospital there were 85 cases in 2013-2015. Surgical intervention is the
best treatment but still limited in our country. Brain abscess is the complication mostly found
in patient that can be serious and fatal. Many factors considered to be risk factors for brain
abscess in cyanotic CHD. The aim of this study is to identify characteristics and factors in
the occurence of brain abscess in cyanotic CHD patients.
METHODS : This was a retrospective study. Data were collected from medical records of
cyanotic CHD patient admitted at M Djamil Hospital from 2016 to 2018. The data collected
were basic personal data, clinical, and laboratory results. The defenitive diagnosis of brain
abscess were made from brain CT scan. Nutritional status was determined with WHO
growth chart. Bivariate analysis was made using paired sample T test and chi-square. Data
were analyzed with SPSS. P value <0.05 were considered to be statistically significant.
RESULT : A total 15 cases (14.5%) of brain abscess were found in 104 cyanotic CHD
patients. Majority patient were boys (67.3%). The subjects mean age was 4.95 years and the
youngest age was 1 year old. Bivariate analysis with independent t test revealed that
nutritional status (p=0.009), cyanotic spell (p=0.028), and outcome (p=0.005) were
significant related factors for brain abscess. Hemoglobin (16.65±3.57), leucocyte
(18775±7749.28), hematocryte (54.87±7.90), oxygen saturation (59.93±9.21) were
statistycally significant (p value < 0.05 chi-square test). No significant relation of age, sex,
diagnosis of cyanotic CHD and platelet with brain abscess. No bacterial growth in the
abscess culture. 9 of 15 patient with brain abscess were died.
CONCLUSION : Hemoglobine, high hematocryte, low peripheral oxygen saturation,
leucocytosis, cyanotic spell, and poor nutritional status were the significant related factors to
brain abscess in cyanotic CHD patients. No bacterial growth in abscess culture. Mortality
was still high, sixty percent of brain abscess child were died.
Keywords: cyanotic CHD, characteristics, brain abcess, factors
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