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Nataniel Hadi Putra, Michelle Gondokesumo
Presenting Complaint: The pastient was admitted to the Emergency Unit with the main complaint : fever for more than a week.
Case Presentation: The patient is two years old, his weight is 11 kilograms. He got the complete imunization. He is an active and atractive child. He got fever thougth he drunk an acetaminophen. He got diarrhea for 4 days. The physical examination shows hyperthermia, rash, redness in eyes, strawberry tounge with cracking lips, swelling of the cervical lymph node. The laboratory examination shows the elevation of white blood cell. He was diagnosed as acute diarrhea with acute dyhidration. He got intravenous fluid and acetaminophen. In the second day, he was diagnosed as Kawasaki Disease which laboratories examination show leukosituria, the elevation of C-Reactive Protein (53,79 mg/L) and erythrocte sedimentation rate (94 mm/hour). He was consulted to the cardiologist. The result of his ehocardiography was normal. He was treated by IVIG 11 vials (2g/kg) and high dose of acetyl salisilic acid (80-100 mg/kg/day) then followed by low dose (3-5 mg/kg/day) for 6 weeks after the echocardiography is normal.
Conclusion: Kawasaki diasease was diagnosed if the child has a fever with at least 4 from the five following clinical condition : swelling and redness in extremities, rash, redness in eyes, strawberry tounge, swelling of the cervical lymph node. The following laboratories show lekositosis, anemia, trombositosis, hyperbilirubin, leukosituria, the elevation in CRP and ESR. If the case is not treated well, the complication can be fatal : the inflamation of the heart’s blood vessels.
Keywords: Kawasaki disease, child, diagnosis, complication
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