Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0378
Farid I Hussein, Yusri Dianne Jurnalis, Yorva Sayuti
OBJECTIVE : Cholestasis results from impairment in the excretion of bile, which may be due to mechanical obstruction of bile flow or impairment of excretion of bile components into the bile canaliculus. When present, cholestasis warrants prompt diagnosis and treatment. At DR. M Djamil Hospital there were 43 cases in 2017-2019. The differential diagnosis of cholestasis beyond the neonatal period is broad and includes congenital and acquired etiologies. It is imperative that the clinician differentiates between intrahepatic and extrahepatic origin of cholestasis. Treatment may be supportive or curative and depends on the etiology.The aim of this study is to identify characteristics and factors in the occurence of cholestatic liver disease in children.
METHODS : A descriptive study was conducted retrospectively from medical records on January 2017-May 2019. Data were basic personal data, age, sex, clinical signs, hepatomegaly, haematologic data, and liver function were examined.
RESULT : Asymptomatic icteric were found in 36 of 43 patients (83%). Majority patients were boys (51.1%). The subjects mean age was 14.9 month and the youngest age was 1 month old. PT (33,76), APTT (81,69), total bilirubin (10,31), bilirubin direct (7,8) , bilirubin indirect (2.85, AST (142.65), ALT (104.5), Albumin (3.8) Gama GT (151,7). The cause of cholestasis were stenosis bilier (49%), atresia bilier (23%), TORCH infection (2%), cholangitis (12%), Bilier Sludge (2%), Ca Caput Pancreatic (2%), cirrhosis hepatic (5%), cholelitiasis (2%), and CMV infection (2%). Seven (16%) patients were performed cholangiography.
CONCLUSION : Cholestasis had numerous etiologies, in our centre, most of cholestasis was caused by stenosis bilier. It still needs more concerns because most of the child came not in golden period of cholangiography so we couldn’t give the treatment comprehensively. It is essential to socialize the importance of early diagnostic of cholestasis
Keywords: Cholestasis liver disease, children
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