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Antibiotic Resistance and the Role of Vaccination
Sri Rezeki S Hadinegoro

Department of Child Health, Medical Faculty, University of Indonesia Jakarta
Strengthen global defenses against infectious disease can be achieved by ensuring access to effective treatment and promoting appropriate antibiotic use. General use of antibiotic is indicating only for bacterial infection, indicate by clinical diagnosis, other examinations done to differentiate other diagnosis and detect the etiology. Finally used of empirical antibiotic needs adequate follow up. Impact of inappropriate antibiotics therapy will increase in resistant strains and increased morbidity and mortality.

WHO Global Action Plan for Combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) structured 5 strategic objectives: raise awareness and understanding of AMR, strengthen evidence base through surveillance, reduce infection through prevention and control, optimize use of antimicrobial medicines, and increase investment in development of new medicines, diagnostic tools, and vaccines. 

Vaccination is appropriate as an infection prevention measure and can reduce antimicrobial resistance in three ways,
? Existing vaccines can prevent infectious disease whose treatment would require antimicrobial medicines.
? Existing vaccines can reduce the prevalence of primary viral infections, which are often inappropriately treated with antibiotics, and which can also give rise to secondary infections that require antibiotic treatment.
? Development and use of new or improved vaccines can prevent diseases that are becoming difficult to treat or are untreatable owing to antimicrobial resistance

Vaccines can help reduce the burden of antimicrobial resistance because vaccination can help prevent the occurrence of infections, thus reducing the use of antibiotics. Indirect protection provided by vaccination can further amplify the reduction in antibiotic usage.
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