Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0421
Rina Triasih
OBJECTIVE: The workload, experiences and psychological conditions of pediatric trainees are different in each stages of the study. This may influence their perception on educational environment. We evaluated the trainees’ perception on educational environment and compared it between stages of the study. 
METHOD: We conducted a cross sectional study to all pediatric trainees in Pediatric Specialist Training Program Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in May 2019. The data was collected using the Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure (PHEEM) questionnaire, which was self-completed by the trainees. The questionnaire consisted of 40 items, which evaluated autonomy (14 items), teaching quality (15 items), and social support (11 items). 
RESULT: Out of 136 trainees, all (100%) completed the questionnaire; which consisted of 35 trainees of Junior stage; 44 of Middle stage, and 57 of Senior stage. The mean total score of PHEEM was 108.10 (+ 17.03); which was not different between stages of the trainees: 104.7 (+ 15.54) in Junior, 109.02 (+ 17.43) in Middle, and 109.3 (+ 17.6) in Senior (p = 0.4). The mean score of autonomy was 2.77 (¬+ 0.26). The Junior trainees scored lower (2.68 + 0.35), but this was not different compared to Middle (2.80 + 0.19) and Senior (2.80 + 0.22) (p = 0.39). In term of  teaching quality, the overall mean score was 2.61 (+ 0.53) which was not different between stages (2.54 (+ 0.60), 2.65 (+ 0.47) and 2.8 (+ 0.55), respectively (p = 0.84). Similarly, there was no different perception on social support between Junior (2.76 + 0.38), Middle (2.73 + 0.25) and Senior 2.8 + 0.24); p = 0.60).
CONCLUSION: The perception on educational environment of the pediatric trainees was not different between stages of the study. The educational environment of pediatric training program in UGM was good but improvement was required.
Keywords: Educational environment, PHEEM, pediatric trainees
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