Ref Number = PITIKA-ASPR0025
Astri Sulastri Prasasti, Tartila, Nina Dwi Putri, Badriul Hegar
OBJECTIVE: This research aims to evaluate knowledge, perspectives and ideas of pediatricians; also to evaluate about difference between characteristics respondent to knowledge and perspectives of pediatrician regarding books published by IPSP.
METHOD: This research was qualitative and quantitative cross sectional study using online questionnaire. Estimated sample size was established using p=50% and d=10%. Data analytic using Chi-Square, CI 95%, p=5%.
RESULT: About 120 (100%) respondents knew about textbooks published by IPSP. One hundred one (84.17%) respondents said that textbooks were interesting, 19 (15.83%) were unattractive; 10 out of 19 said were unattractive by design, 7 of 9 were not up to date, 1 of 9 said not applicable, and 1 of 9 said the size was too big. Fifty-four (45%) respondents knew about books for public. Forty-three (79.63%) respondents said that books for the public were interesting, 11 (20.37%) respondents said were unattractive; 4 of 11 said unattractive design, 2 of 11 said unclear language, 2 of 11 never read this type of books and 2 of 11 said less of promotion. Seventy-nine (69.83%) respondents knew about books for medical. Seventy (88.6%) respondents said that books for medical were interesting, 9 (11.39%) respondents said that books for health workers were unattractive; 5 of 9 said unattractive illustration,1 of 9 said less applicable in some origins, 1 of 9 said unclear language, and 2 of 9 never read this type of books. There is significant difference between additional degree to knowledge of pediatrician  (p=0.031) and being staff in teaching hospital to knowledge of pediatrician (p=0.005).
CONCLUSION: Most of pediatrician has known about textbooks published by IPSP, but not that much for the other books. IPSP got some feedbacks to improve its quality, such as promotion, type of books, book’s catalogue, and online version.
Keywords: Knowledge, perspectives, ideas, pediatricians, textbook
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