Volume 5, Apr - Jun 2022
Antimicrobial Resistance in Pandemic of COVID-19
Muhammad Faheem Afzal
During pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the world is facing another even greater and silent pandemic, which is antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR is prematurely killing thousands of people worldwide.1 The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has had a substantial impact on h...
Sarah E. Philo 1, Siaw-Jing Ha 2,3, Wei-Honn Lim2, Benjamin D. Anderson 1,4, Gregory C. Gray 1,4,5, Teck-Hock Toh 2,3
The pilot study sought to determine if noroviruses were a prevalent cause of diarrhea among hospitalized children and to understand if animal exposure was a risk factor for infection. The study was conducted over a ten-week period and stool samples from 70 children admitted to Sibu Hospital with acu...
The Incidence of Anxiety and Depression Among Adolescents (Age 15-18 years old) After 1 year of Online Learning
Jonah M. Villones 1, Jimmy P. Dumlao II 1, Margaret Mae C. MaaƱo 1
This is a descriptive analytical study which comprises of 133 participants, senior high school students in Ermita, Manila, currently enrolled on online learning. Students were surveyed using the Patient Health Questionnaire 9, Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale 7 and General Data Collection tool. T...
Acute bronchiolitis in regional Queensland: How well are we doing?
Adeline Yi Ling Lim 1, Shazra Khan 1, Gwenda Chapman 2, Jiann Pazhamalil 2, Tess Platfuss 2, Vincent Lam 2, Saseema Sammani Nugapitiya 2, Brooke Whiting 2, Elena Xu 2, Sunday Dusu Pam 1, 2
This was a retrospective study to review the management of bronchiolitis in a regional hospital, with interventions performed analysed. Our study revealed that most patients received multiple ineffective interventions. Targeted efforts are required to minimise interventions performed. ...
Neonatal Hospital Readmission Among Term Neonates in a Private Tertiary Hospital from 2012 to 2020
This study examined the trend and described the clinical profiles of term neonates readmitted within 28 days after birth at a private tertiary hospital from 2012 to 2020....
Erythema Induratum of Bazin in an eleven year-old boy: A case report
Kahkashan Mumtaz 1, Bela Verma 1, Raju P. Khubchandani 1, Manju Vani Sake 1, Kriti Nautiyal 1, Snehal Sonuane 1
A 11 year-old, Indian boy, 2nd by birth order, born of non-consanguineous marriage, presented with multiple subcutaneous nodules(3) since 4 months, which were gradual in onset, progressive and migratory. The condition first appeared on the extensor aspect of his left elbow, later developing at the ...
Pulmonary Hypertension Mimicking Acute Coronary Syndrome in Pediatric: A Rare Case Report
Hernita Perliyani 1, Bhayu Hanggadhi Nugroho 2
Pulmonary Hypertension is a life threatening disease that characterized by a progressive increase of pulmonary vascular resistance and often leads to right ventricular (RV) failure and death. The usual symptoms of pediatric hypertension are dyspnea, fatigue and syncope. In this case patient came wit...
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